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Our Partners

Allergy Center Charité

The undefinedAllergie-Centrum-Charité iis a joint organisation of the clinics for Dermatology, Venereology and  Allergology, at Campus Mitte and the Clinic for Paediatrics with its focus on Pneumology and Immunology at the Campus Virchow.

Autoinflammation Network e.V.

undefinedANEV is a non-profit association which, together with its members, pursues the target of enhancing research into autoinflammatory syndromes and the improvement of the care offered to patients with this clinical picture. We therefore promote projects, campaigns and research projects which investigate the causes and treatment of autoinflammatory syndromes, or inform patients with autoinflammatory syndromes about their disease.

Autoinflammation Reference Center Tuebingen (ARCT)

undefinedAutoinflammation Reference Center Tuebingen (arcT) represents an interdisciplinary fusion of the clinics and departments Paediatric and Internal Rheumatology, ENT and Dermatology of the University Hospital Tuebingen (UKT).

Münster Autoinflammation Reference Center (MARC)

European Centre for Allergy Research Foundation (ECARF)

The aim of the undefinedEuropean Centre for Allergy ResearchFoundation (ECARF) is to enhance the knowledge and the attention paid to allergies in Europe. As the past has shown, by creating top centres for certain diseases it has been possible to achieve a considerable improvement of public awareness and medical care for these diseases.

GA²LEN Network of Excellence

The main mission of the undefinedGA²LEN Network of Exellence is to set up an internationally competitive network of European competence centres with the target of enhancing and bringing European research together, to disseminate competence and know-how, to integrate European research centres on the long-term, to address allergies and asthma as a whole and – on the long-term – to decrease the burden of allergies and asthma Europe-wide. The activities of GA²LEN NoE are classified in 26 different fields of activities, the overall programme of scientific activities and the spread of competence.

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Schnitzler-Syndrom (monocentric IIT)

16.04.2018  |  Cat: Studies

A new study for Schnitzler syndrome

4th Autoinflammation Masterclass 28. - 29.04.2016 in Berlin

11.04.2016  |  Cat: News

Dear Colleagues, It is a pleasure for us to cordially welcome you to the beautiful city of Berlin...

8th International Congress of Familial Mediterranean Fever and Systemic Autoinflammatory Diseases

24.03.2015  |  Cat: News

30. September - 03. October 2015 in Dresden (Germany)